Ode to Joy Exercise

These audio files will help you when practicing the Ode to Joy exercise.  While no one likes to practice exercises, this one in particular will help you become a better player, faster, because it teaches your right hand the relative distance between the strings.  That way, you don't have to look at your instrument when you play.

I usually use a "down, up, down, up" picking motion on this, although it can be an eye-opener to try other options.

Try to maintain an even rhythm when you do this.  If you don't shorten (choke) the sound of the notes, you will hear a chord-type effect as the notes layer one another.  This is called a "polyphonic" effect.

Ode to Joy Exercise  66 bpm Ode to Joy Exercise  80 bpm Ode to Joy Exercise  88 bpm Ode to Joy Exercise  96 bpm