The Gloryland Way

Use these audio files when practicing The Gloryland Way.

Basic Melody  144 bpm
Basic Melody  185 bpm
Basic Melody  230 bpm

Solo Break   88 bpm
Solo Break  108 bpm
Solo Break  140 bpm

Chords   90 bpm
Chords  120 bpm
Chords  150 bpm
Chords  180 bpm

This tune has been favored by bluegrass players for generations, and the Grand Old Opry calls it one of the greatest gospel tunes of all time.  The composer, J.S. Torbett was born in Alabama in 1868. His descendants say that, when he was an old man in feeble health, he sat up on the edge of his bed and sang the lyrics:

Soon I shall see Him in that home above
Oh, I'm in the glory-land way.

He then lay back in bed, closed his eyes, and died.

This is a lot of fun to play, so start with the basic version at a slower speed and work your way up to the solo.

Some things to remember:

1)   On the basic version, you have to tremolo those long notes!
2)   On the solo break:
      a)  The notes that are connected with slurs are "hammer-ons", meaning that two notes are played with one pick stroke
      b)  If you can't play the double stops in the "B" section, play only the higher note and work your way up
      c)  Measure 25 - yes, you do have to "hammer-on" with your pinky
3)   If you're playing the rhythm, don't overthink the "7" chords.  Think "teepee" shape!