Boil Em Cabbage Down Exercise

These audio files will help you to loosen up your right wrist when you play.  This is important because, if you tense your wrist up when you play, it will start to hurt.  You won't sound very good, either.

You will probably find this exercise easier to do if you pick "Down, down, up, down, down up".  If you look at your music or tablature, this means that the longer quarter notes would be picked "down", and each set of eighth notes would be picked "down up".

Try to focus on relaxing your wrist when you play this exercise, but remember to maintain an even rhythm.  You may find that it is easier to get a more precise rhythm, if you loosen your grip on the pick.

Boil Em Cabbage Down Exercise   66 bpm Boil Em Cabbage Down Exercise   80 bpm Boil Em Cabbage Down Exercise  100 bpm