Besame Mucho

The title of this song, which is a classic jazz standard, translates to "Kiss Me A Lot".   Amazingly, it was written by a 16-year old girl!

This song is not fast, so it's a good one to work on your right-hand skills.  Try to tremolo every note that is two beats or longer.

Also try to improve the sound by using your pinky finger on the 7th fret, rather than the open string when you are playing "D" and "A".

The notes that are under the bracket with the "3" are called triplets.  Triplets allow you to stuff three notes in to where there would normally be one (or two).  In Besame Mucho, the triplets replace half notes, which are two beats.  So if you look at Measure 5, you can see that there are 6 notes where there would normally be four quarter notes, or two half notes.  Confusing?  Not as much as you think.  Say the word "strawberry" twice, as you tap out four beats.  That's the rhythm of the triplets!

These are the audio files for Besame Mucho

Besame Mucho   64 bpm Besame Mucho   80 bpm Besame Mucho  110 bpm