Amazing Grace

Use these audio files when practicing Amazing Grace – Version I.

Amazing Grace V-1  60 bpm Amazing Grace V-1  80 bpm

Please warm up with the G Scale exercise, and the Tremolo exercise, before you start to play this song.

This song introduces a couple of new concepts.  Up to this point, the songs you have played have had 4 beats in each measure.  This one has 3 beats per measure, which is called a "waltz tempo".  In Measure Seven, there are two "eighth" notes – each of these have half the value of a quarter note.  In Measure Eight, there is a "hold" (or "tie") over the dotted half note, which carries in to Measure Nine.  That "hold" means that, even though you have the same note in Measures Eight and Nine, the note is NOT played twice.  It is played once in Measure Eight, and allowed to ring for a total of 5 beats, until it's time to play the last note in Measure Nine.

Try using tremolo on the long notes in Measures 8-9, and 16-17.  If you can do it successfully and still keep the tempo steady, try working it in to the longer notes in every measure.

Use these audio files when practicing Amazing Grace – Version II.

Amazing Grace V-2  66 bpm Amazing Grace V-2  76 bpm

This version gets you used to playing two sets of strings at the same time.  Nothing has changed with your fret hand from the first version – just try to reach over to the adjacent string and add a harmony note when you can!

Use these audio files when practicing Amazing Grace – Version III.

Amazing Grace V-3  60 bpm Amazing Grace V-3  80 bpm

This version also requires you to play two sets of strings at the same time, but is more complicated for the fret hand because you now have to find two different frets on two different strings.   Start with the slower version first, and work your way up.

Measures 8 and 9 contain a "barre chord" – that means that you will use your ring finger to produce that combination.  Practice setting it down so that it stretches over both the D and A strings at the same time.

Use these audio files when practicing Amazing Grace – Key of D

Amazing Grace Key of D  66 bpm Amazing Grace Key of D  80 bpm

This version demonstrates how easy it is to change a key signature on a mandolin.  Move over one string, then close your eyes and pretend you started on the other string.  You can play the song exactly the same way on both strings!

Use these audio files when practicing the chords to Amazing Grace, or if you would like to hear a rhythm accompaniment while you play the melody of Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace Chords  60 bpm Amazing Grace Chords  80 bpm

Remember that it is rhythm player's job to set the tempo for the group.  Here, the rhythm player starts a little sooner than the melody.  If you are playing melody and think the chords don't sound right, you are probably coming in too soon.